Our mission and purpose as Friends of Freiburg University is to support international exchange of students and scholars, and to promote joint educational and research programs between the University of Freiburg (formally known in Germany as Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg) and American universities. We build and foster relationships between the University of Freiburg and its alumni living in the United States and establish partnerships with private donors and foundations.

We further aim to identify opportunities for US students to live in Germany and study at Freiburg University on a temporary basis, and will identify and recruit US colleges and universities to participate in these programs and host German students to live and study in the US under their auspices. The primary purpose of this activity is to allow students to develop and improve their capabilities by being exposed to cultural and educational opportunities and experiences through participation in the everyday activities of families in a foreign country and study at recognized educational institutions outside the US. We coordinate and facilitate these exchanges, working closely with US and German educational institutions to accomplish our educational objectives.

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