Supporting University College Freiburg

Universtiy College Freiburg (UCF) was founded in 2012 at the University of Freiburg as a platform for innovative, interdisciplinary, and internationally oriented higher education. UCF and its Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) bachelor program bring together the best of two academic worlds that have shaped research and education around the globe. UCF combines the settings of a public German research university with a student-centered college institution in the spirit of American Liberal Education. Currently, 300 students from about 50 countries are enrolled in the LAS program. The pioneer cohort graduated in summer 2016. The quality of their academic training has been recognized by PhD and Master programs as well as employers and institutions around the world.

This is a unique, ambitious, and challenging endeavor, with potentially far-reaching consequences for German higher education in the 21st century. The University College Freiburg can only succeed with your support. Donations to the UCF for the purposes of research, teaching, and cultural activities are tax-deductible. The Friends of Freiburg Alumni North America are committed to fundraising on behalf of the University College Freiburg to support a number of the college’s projects. Your support can go a long way to:

Help Students: recognize excellence through student awards, support conference or exchange travel, cover cost of living scholarships, and more…

– Support Teaching: sponsor a course, guest lecture or professor, endow a professorship, and more…

– Develop the College: establish a new publication or lecture series, enhance infrastructure and student facilities, or support the renovation of college buildings…

For more detailed information about the most current projects — and how your support will contribute to their success — please visit the UCF website here.

You can lend your support today by clicking here. If you are an American interested in making a more generous gift to University College Freiburg, please contact and we will gladly be in touch.

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