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Uni Freiburg Meetup NY
Did you study abroad at the University of Freiburg? Would you like to stay in touch with other Freiburg Alumni? Whether you took a ship across the Atlantic in the 1960s to study in Freiburg or whether you just touched down in the US or Canada, ready to explore, we would love to meet you and hear your stories! We get together regularly and love to try out new things and share our experiences in this magnificent city, all the while reveling in our memories of the beloved black forest and the University of Freiburg. At the moment, we are mostly based in Eastern cities such as New York, Montréal and Washington, D.C., but are planning to stretch out towards the West as well.

So, whether you are German and did all or part of your ‘Studium’ in Freiburg, are American and studied in Freiburg as part of a program such as IES or American Year Abroad, or if you are any other nationality and studied for whatever reason in Freiburg and are based in North America, we welcome you to our family.

In eight years of existence, we have organized ‘Stammtisch’ evenings, wine tastings, museum visits, concerts, political presentations from journalists and politicians and so much more. In addition to what has already been done, we want to provide services in the form of networking, mentoring to recent graduates, travel to Freiburg, scientific and other exchanges, development of an angels investor group… the list goes on.

Please check out our Events page for upcoming events near you – we look forward to seeing you there!


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