“Freiburg im Nationalsozialismus” – A Discussion With Film Creator Carla Mallmann

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Today, Freiburg is known as a liberal and tolerant city, a stronghold of Germany´s green party. Thus, it is almost unimaginable what happened there 90 years ago. While you were walking the streets of Freiburg, passing the old synagogue on your way, have you ever been wondering what happened there during the dreadful night in 1938? Did you visit the Münster market, the exact same place where huge Nazi rallies took place? Did you admire the medieval buildings in the towns center that were almost completely destroyed by bombing raids during the war?

The documentary “Freiburg im Nationalsozialismus” is examining the events in Freiburg during the years 1933 until 1945. You will learn about the university’s Nazification, the terror against the Jewish population and the resistance groups that operated in the Wiehre quarter. Participants will be sent the link to watch the 20 minute documentary in advance. The Zoom event will include a discussion with student director, Carla Mallmann, of University College Freiburg.

Thursday, May 25
9.00 AM PT | 12.oo PM ET | 18.00 MEZ
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This event is co-sponsored by the DAAD Alumni Association in the US. 

About the Speaker: Carla Mallmann studies Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University College in Freiburg. She is currently in her fourth year with a major in life sciences. Her main interest is the human brain. In her free time, she likes to read anything concerning history which inspired her to produce this documentary.

About the Moderator: Marta Millar is a doctoral student in Modern European History at the CUNY Graduate Center and a Graduate Teaching Fellow at Baruch College. Her interests include modern Germany, southern Africa, colonialism, mass violence, and public history and memory in these contexts. Her research explores postcolonial relations between Germany and Namibia, with a specific focus on the role of universities and museums in shaping public memory of the colonial past. Millar is also the Program Manager of the University of Freiburg’s North American Liaison Office and a member of the German Center for Research and Innovation (DWIH) New York Advisory Board.


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