Margret Böhme Named Honorary Senator

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Margret Böhme, longstanding deputy chair of Alumni Freiburg e.V., was named Honorary Senator at the Dies Universitatis on 10 June 2015. The title recognizes her outstanding dedication to the University of Freiburg.

Margret Böhme remained in close contact with her university after completing a degree in economics in Freiburg in 1969. When her husband Dr. Rolf Böhme – also a Freiburg alumnus – was elected Mayor of Freiburg in 1982, they both worked to build up good relations between the city and the university.

Rektor Schiewer verleiht die Ehrensenatorwürde an Margret Böhme

Rector Schiewer confers the title of Honorary Senator on Margret Böhme (Photo: Baschi Bender)

When the University of Freiburg made the decision to contact former students in 1997, Margret Böhme was immediately prepared to support the alumni idea, which was completely new at German universities at the time. In 1998 she was among the founding members of the booster association “Alumni Freiburg e.V.,” which has realized numerous funding projects for the benefit of the university in the past years.

The projects implemented by Alumni Freiburg e.V. during her time on the board of directors include the construction of the teaching pavilion on Schauinsland, the installation of the stage in the Peterhof Cellar, the expansion of the Uniseum, the renovation of the university’s historic former student detention cells, and the establishment of the Student Service Center and the doctoral candidate lounge. The association awarded grants for the publication of dissertations as well as travel scholarships for required excursions and student conferences. Moreover, it supported student groups like the aka film club, theater groups, the University Big Band, and the University Radio Station and provided funds for scholarships. Since recognizing the achievement of outstanding students was always a matter of special concern for Margret Böhme, Alumni Freiburg e.V. provides the faculties with funding to award prizes for student achievement or social involvement to this day.

Not only did she help get these projects off the ground in her function as the association’s deputy chair; she also supported them with her own funds.


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