Alzheimer’s is avoidable

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“Alzheimer’s is avoidable,” states Dr. Michael Nehls in his book Die Alzheimer-Lüge (“The Alzheimer’s Lie”). This simple claim and Nehls’ entire book are comforting and provocative in equal measure. Michael Nehls exposes widespread misunderstandings and the lucrative business interests of the pharmaceutical industry with regard to Alzheimer’s disease.

Dr. Michael Nehls studied medicine at the University of Freiburg. After earning his habilitation qualification in molecular genetics and spending a career researching hereditary diseases at German and American research institutes, he began devoting intensive study to the topic “healthy aging and Alzheimer’s disease.” This research led initially to his work Die Methusalem-Strategie. Vermeiden, was uns daran hindert, gesund älter und weiser zu werden (“The Methuselah Strategy: Avoiding What Prevents Us from Becoming Older and Wiser in Good Health”). In his current book, Die Alzheimer-Lüge: Die Wahrheit über eine vermeidbare Krankheit (“The Alzheimer’s Lie: The Truth about an Avoidable Disease”), he takes up the topic again and advances the provocative hypothesis that contrary to what has been believed up until now, Alzheimer’s Disease is indeed curable and avoidable for everyone.

Dr. med. Michael Nehls

Dr. med. Michael Nehls (Source: Alex Jung)

Nehls argues that Alzheimer is a deficiency disease whose causes are similar to those of other lifestyle diseases. It cannot be cured by developing appropriate medicines but only by removing the deficiencies themselves, which we have come to regard as entirely normal.

Nehls himself radically changed his lifestyle as a consequence of his findings. He lost weight, started eating healthier food (including produce from his own organic garden), and even participated twice in the “Race Across America,” the world’s most difficult bicycle race.

His theory is simple and follows a holistic approach: Every one of us is responsible for whether we will one day suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. A healthy, “species-appropriate” lifestyle can help us all enjoy lasting health and mental fitness up to a ripe old age.

Nehls thus takes a position contrary to researchers who claim that Alzheimer’s is merely a consequence of living ever longer. He demonstrates his conviction passionately with the help of numerous international studies and presents a lot of interesting facts on the function of human memory and what constitutes an appropriate lifestyle for our species. His findings are uncomfortable and shocking, but they also encourage us to take responsible action to escape the seemingly unavoidable fate of contracting Alzheimer’s disease.

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