A Message from the Friends of Freiburg Board

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Dear Freiburg Alumni and Friends,

In the midst of the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation, we would like you to know that we at Alumni Freiburg North America are closely following the recommendations of the CDC, WHO, and other public healthcare entities to minimize the risk of transmission and protect the health and well-being of our staff and community. This is a priority to us.

As such, all planned Friends of Freiburg events, including the visit to the opera in New York, the Stammtisch events in Chicago and Washington DC, and various conferences have been cancelled or postponed until further notice.

In Germany we understand that the university has cancelled all events and courses until April 20. The university library (UB) has been shut down until further notice and the federal and local governments have enacted and are implementing strict policies to encourage self-quarantining in an effort to slow the rate of COVID-19 exposure. For the most current information from the university, please see here

A priority during this time is our ability to continue to serve the needs of our community in North America as effectively as always. We have shut down the office in New York, but Marta Millar and others are able to work remotely.

This is a particularly trying time for all of us as we face new and difficult challenges, both human, financial and otherwise. On our side, we will continue to answer your e-mails and calls promptly and be completely available to you.

Stay safe, stay disinfected, stay in touch.

Jeffrey Himmel, Marta Millar, Jack Janes and the rest of the Friends of Freiburg leadership team

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