From Sea to Shining Sea: Stammtische in Boston and San Francisco

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In addition to the Wunderbar Together events, which brought us out of New York and into the heartland of the US, Friends of Freiburg expanded outreach in Boston and San Francisco during the fall. First, on Tag der Deutschen Einheit, a preliminary brainstorming Stammtisch with a few alumni — who braved the rainy night — led to further plans for alumni happy hours in Boston in spring 2020!

In mid-October, the liaison office program manager Marta Millar returned to San Francisco to host a fall alumni night. The group first met at Schroeder’s SF — a historic German-American beer hall in downtown San Francisco — before walking over to a comedy club for an evening show. The group represented our alma mater when called on by the first comedian — giving us the chance to share with the audience a little bit of background about the University of Freiburg, and our outreach to alumni in North America! We hope to be back for another event in the Bay Area in the spring!

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